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So, What are they?

A domain name extension are the letters that follow your domain name. Such as the most popular ‘.com or .net’. These characters create a complete address to your website and allow multiple people/companies to use the same domain name. For example: you could have ‘smithplumbing.com’ which is an address to your website; but there could also be ‘smithplumbing.net’ or ‘smithplumbing.com.au’ which direct users to a completely different website.

Comparable to an Australian postcode

Domain name extensions could be compared to that of an Australian postcode. There are multiple towns with the same name in Australia but a letter is delivered to the right town based on the post code used. The thing to remember with domain name extensions is that you can own more than one of the same domain names. For example: you could own all of these domain names- ‘carwash.com’, ‘carwash.com.au’ and ‘carwash.net’ and these could be setup to all point to the same website.

Buy all the domain name extensions…

Some companies and businesses do just that to secure traffic to their website. This may be to avoid other people using the domain name with a popuar domain name extension. The other reason could be to still get traffic for people who have entered the wrong extension.

For instance: If a person is told about a website but when they go to look it up on the internet – they may forget what the extension was (which is very common with unusual domain name extensions, eg. ‘.club’, ‘.shop’, etc.) but a user is still likely to guess; so if you own the popular domain name extensions – they may still get through to the right website. You should be aware that this can be an expensive decision as domain name registration is billed yearly for each one, which can add up quickly. Also, availability of popular domain name extensions is getting more limited everyday.

website redirection diagram

What about all the new domain name extensions? 

There are a growing number of new domain name extensions available like ‘.club’, ‘.biz’, ‘.today’, etc. Don’t be too scared of these new and sometimes quirky additions; as they are just as authentic and work the same as all the old ones. The benefit of all these alternative domain name extensions are they allow a better chance of getting the domain name you want. Check what domains are available. This is due to the fact that they are relatively new and therefore have more availability, at least for now. The downside of a new domain name extension is that they are just that – new! Which means that the general public aren’t used to them and therefore don’t trust their legitimacy as much as the old and tested ones. And as I mentioned earlier, they can be harder for people to remember; but that’s not to say you can’t choose one that has a unique impact- such as: ‘sydneysoccer.club’ or ‘homedelivery.sydney’.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right domain name for an Australian business can be tricky. But rest assure that there is the right domain out there for you and your business, you just need to keep hunting. Alternatively you talk to us about your needs and we can help you choose the right domain.


I hope you have found this post useful in gaining some basic understanding of domain name extensions. There is lots more to know about domain name extensions but this should be enough for most non-technicals.

If you have any questions or anything to add, please leave a comment below. Or comment the domain name extension you are thinking of using.

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