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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions displayed here are intended to communicate both client expectation and that of got web. Alterations to these terms and conditions may occur and the most up to date copy will be displayed here. please read carefully and feel free to raise any questions or concerns by contacting us.

1.0 Services

1.1 Website Packages

This section contains all of the services, terms and conditions that are included with the Brochure, Low Maintenance, Business & Business Plus packages that are provided by got web.

1.1.1 Minimum Term

got web will provide the client with applicable services for a minimum term of twelve months.

got web offers a month to month payment option that specifies an amount to be paid by the client for the specified package. By choosing to pay monthly for services a minimum term of twelve months must be completed by the client. The Minimum Term is considered completed once twelve monthly payments have been received and the client has received services for twelve months.

1.1.2 Domain Name Registration

A single domain name annual registration fee is included in the monthly/annual fee charged by got web. The chosen domain name annual registration cannot exceed the cost of AU$ 25.00 or else the excess fee will be payable by the client before the name registration is completed or renewed. got web will suggest domain name options but the final decision is the responsibility of the client.

If the client already owns a domain name they wish to use, the client is still entitled to have another domain name included in their chosen package. If the client would like an additional domain name to be registered under this clause the client must make a request in writing within the first month of service. got web will retain ownership of the newly registered domain name until the Minimum Term (1.1.1) has been completed or paid in full. For clarity – if the client pays the Minimum Term (1.1.1) in advance – they will have ownership of the domain name immediately.

got web registers and manages domain names via a third party service. got web takes no responsibility if this third party service is temporarily unavailable and/or incurs delays on registering an available domain name. got web will promptly register a chosen domain name once confirmed by the client in writing and during general business hours. got web takes no responsibility if a domain becomes unavailable for any reason before got web attempts to register the domain.

1.1.2 Web Hosting Email Accounts

Email accounts are created by got web by request from the client. got web offers unlimited email accounts but this does not include unlimited storage of emails. The client is expected to clean, back-up and maintain all allocated email accounts to comply with the applicable Online Storage Quota( got web is not responsible for the security of your email beyond the password setup of the account. The client is responsible for any negative impact made by any received emails or their contents. got web will provide assistance to the client with backing up their emails on the client’s storage device/service provided by the client. Online Storage Quota

The Business Plus package includes up to 5 gigabytes of total server storage and all other packages include up to 2.5 gigabytes of server storage. This server storage includes all databases and email storage. got web will notify the client if the account is nearing capacity. got web will offer solutions to reduce used storage space or increase storage for a quoted ongoing price. got web is not responsible for any negative results occurring from an account that has run out of server storage. Website Backups

got web creates and stores monthly backups of the client’s website. This process occurs on the first day of the calendar month. Backups do not include emails, see Email Accounts ( for more information. General Website Maintenance

got web runs routine general maintenance on the client’s website, which includes but is not limited to:

  • WordPress updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Theme updates
  • SSL certificate updates

General Website Maintenance is completed at least once per calendar month as needed. The client will be notified if any larger maintenance services are to be carried out that require the website to be temporarily unavailable. Website Ownership

All website content is owned by the client except for any material specific to got web, such as the got web logo used in the footer of most websites created by got web. got web retains ownership of the design and hosting of any websites that are part of an account serving a Minimum Term. Accounts that have not yet completed the Minimum Term cannot have their website transferred to another web service provider or website agency unless agreed upon by got web. Website Admin Access

Website Admin Access is considered to be any part of the website not accessible by general website traffic. got web does not allow the client Website Admin Access unless requested in writing by the client. The client, if granted Website Admin Access, is responsible for any negative impact made in relation to the changes that the client or anyone the client has granted access, with the exception of got web. Any time spent fixing issues created or caused by the client will be charged at $32.00-AUD per hour.

1.1.3 Fair Go Policy

got web does not define a limit on minor changes to websites that are actively managed by got web. However, got web reserves the right to refuse or limit minor change requests if got web believes the client is making excessive requests or if the request is determined, by got web, to be beyond the scope of a minor change.

1.1.4 Cancellation of Services

The client can cancel at any time once the Minimum Term payment has been received in full. Early cancellation before the Minimum Term payment has been received will require the client to pay the remaining balance for the Minimum Term before the account can be closed. got web reserves the right to cancel a contract at any time, before or after the Minimum Term has been completed, provided the client receives 4 weeks notice in writing and a refund for payments for services not yet rendered; got web will surrender the complete ownership rights of the website and domain to the client.

1.1.3 Third Party Services

got web utilises third party services to enhance the client’s website in a number of ways. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Google Products & Services
  • Windows Products & Services
  • WordPress Plugins

Some of these third party services have limitations on free use and incur fees once a specified quota is exceeded. got web is responsible for monitoring these quotas and notifying the client of impending fees – should the quota be due to exceed the free/paid threshold. The client has the right to opt out of using a third party service if the client does not wish to pay additional fees. If the client does not opt out of any third party services before the free/paid threshold is exceeded and the client has been notified by got webthe client will be financially responsible for any additional fees incurred and will be invoiced appropriately.

2.0 Promotion

got web reserves the right to use  websites created by got web for promotional and portfolio use. The client can request to not have their website used in certain promotional applications. got web will link any websites in the Portfolio page of www.gotweb.com.au to the client’s website. got web will not intentionally negatively portray or slander the client or their business through any form of promotion.

2.1 Footer Slug

got web reserves the right to display a small promotional text, logo and link at the bottom of all websites created by got web.

3.0 Privacy and Confidentiality

3.1 Third Parties

got web does not disclose the client’s information with any third party, except for processes directly related managing the client’s website and account – such as:

  • Payments made through the Wave payment portal
  • Administration information used within Wave
  • Google My Business (When setting up an account on the client’s behalf)
  • Google Products & Services
  • Microsoft Products & Services

got web will not share, in any form, sensitive information of the client that got web is privy to beyond what is required for the above mentioned products and services.

3.2 Data Collection

got web does not collect the client‘s data for any other reason then to improve the client‘s experience and/or website performance. Any collected data is stored securely and not accessible by anyone except got web or third parties related to the data collection, such as Google, etc.

4.0 Payment for Services Rendered

Payments for service are to be made in full or monthly (which requires a Contract Payment Schedule to be signed by both got web & the client.)

4.1 Invoice Schedule

got web issues invoices via email correspondence two weeks before they are due. Payments can be made with credit card, Paypal or Bank Transfer. Payments made via bank transfer must include the client‘s full name or domain name as a reference (eg, joesmowing.com.au).’

4.2 Late Fees

got web does not charge any late fees for overdue accounts. See Service Suspension (4.3) for more details on overdue accounts.

4.3 Service Suspension

If the client’s account falls overdue by more than 30 days, got web reserves the right to suspend services provided. This would include suspension of web hosting services. All service suspensions are lifted once the account is less than 30 days overdue.

got web will issue reminders periodically via phone and email before suspending an account. got web issues Service Suspensions on a case by case basis and works with the client to resolve account discrepancies.

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