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So you are setting up a website for your business and you need to decide on a domain name. This is the exciting first part of creating your online identity. Unfortunately this can turn into a daunting task once you start brain storming the different possibilities. Or more importantly the availability of your chosen domain name. But don’t stress, let me help you.

I will take you through 5 tips on choosing a domain name for your business or project that will suit your cause and make the process easier. 

1. Encapsulate Your Cause

The first tip is to encapsulate what you do or what you provide into a few words. You want people to read your domain name and already have an idea of what your website is about. This not only helps to provide foundational information to the reader but also makes it easier to remember. Having a domain that suits your cause is easier to remember than an unrelated domain name – unless you are building a unique brand name, but that’s a topic for another post.

Don’t worry about forcing keywords into your domain name, this does not help your website show up in Google results. Instead focus on either your cause, branding or sometimes even location. For example – your an electrician servicing Yamba and surrounding suburbs. This foundational information could be represented as – yambaelectrical.com.au

 2. Choose the right extension

A domain name extension are the letters that come after your domain name. Such as – .com or .com.au. There’s a huge range of domain name extensions these days but you should try and align the extension with tip 1 – your cause. If you are an Australian business servicing primarily Australia then I would strongly recommend using the .com.au extension. This will communicate where you are and who you are providing your service to. If you are servicing the globe than you may consider .com or .net.

3. Make a List

Start building a list of your potential domain names. Don’t be shy here and list any that come to mind. You’ll build this list until you have exhausted all your domain name ideas. Now don’t be concerned that your list consists of a number of bad or silly domain names. You have to get the bad ones out to get to the good ones. Now that you have a list we need to work on filtering out some.

The quickest way to shorten your list is to check each one’s availability. This can be a brutal process that can often take all your best names. But don’t be discouraged, you just need to be persistent and sometimes a bit creative. Once you have cut the list down it’s time to cut it down even further. You’ll do this by applying tips 1 and 4 to each domain name in your list. Does it imply your cause and does it read and sound the part.

4. Read it, Say it

This tip is one of the most powerful steps to getting your domain name right. I believe this step is often overlooked so do yourself a favour and read it, say it! Remember that domain names don’t have any white space (spaces between words/characters). SO you may have the right words to describe your cause but when they are squished together – do they read easily? Sometimes double letters can cause issues or your words can end up spelling out unintentional domain names.

The other side to this step is to say it out aloud. This is very important when directing people to your website in person. If you domain name is a mouthful or tongue twister then your going to have a bad time. Say it in a sentence as if you were directing a customer/client to your website. Get this step right and you’ll feel more confident with your domain name.

5. Sleep on it

Try not to make hasty decisions on your domain name. You may feel different about after you sleep on it. So sit on it for a day or two and think about it, say it aloud and have it written somewhere in sight. Write a note on the fridge, your phone wallpaper or anywhere you will see a few times throughout the day. Does it tick all the boxes of what we have already discussed.

Final Thoughts

Trust me when I tell you that these steps are worth taking to get your domain name right. It’s not an instant answer but in less than a week you will have a domain name that implies your cause, reads and sounds right and that gives you the confidence to tell the world. If your list comes up short and doesn’t deliver – rip it up and start again. Like I mentioned earlier – you have to work through all the wrong domain names to find the right one. It’s out there, you just need to find it.

Still Have Questions?

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